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Health Planning Surveys

The Division of Health Planning is now conducting surveys using a web-based interface. Microsoft Access databases will no longer be used to administer surveys. Health care providers will be notified in writing regarding survey submission requirements and deadlines. Notification letters contain the provider’s Unique Identification (UID) number and survey password.

To access the survey that you wish to complete, log in with the provider Unique Identification (UID) number and password provided in the notification letter. Both the UID and password are required to access the web-based survey interface. If you did not receive a UID and/or password please contact the Division of Health Planning.

Survey instructions will be available for each survey. Please refer to the survey instructions for questions regarding the surveys. If you do not find an answer using these sources please contact the Division of Health Planning.

Instructions for Current 2007 Surveys
The following are links to PDF files of instructions for 2007 Surveys that are currently available for completion.